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Mission Statement

Changing the face of conflict resolution, we provide leading edge support to parties in conflict that is transformative, empowering, and compassionate.


Our commitment is to support our clients in preparing for and conducting difficult conversations to develop agreement on issues in conflict. We are especially committed to the creation of an environment which is safe, respectful for all sides in the conflict, and conducive to mutual resolution – not just an unsatisfactory compromise.  Our commitment is supported by our underlying Values. See workshop testimonials here.

New Book Released!

Empathy in Conflict InterventionWe are proud to announce the release of Empathy in Conflict Intervention: The Key to Successful NVC Mediation! The focus of this book is on mediation, a third party intervention role that can be undertaken by supervisors, managers, human resource professionals, marriage and family therapists, teachers, mediators, peace keepers, and parents. The authors make a strong case for the central role of empathy in promoting a successful mediation, especially when ongoing relationships between the parties are at stake. This book provides a thoughtful study of the important role of empathy in mediation through the development of a theoretical model to explain the effectiveness of Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) mediation. The theory building process used in this book, as well as the list of conditions for a successful mediation, can be broadly applied to other third party intervention methods.

The book is available at our publisher, Harmony World Publishing, at http://www.harmonyworld.net/ (as well as at Amazon and other retailers).

Relationship & Communication Coaching

Are you looking for Family and Friends Relationship Communication training, coaching or practice groups? If so, visit our "sister" website at www.speak-peace.com.


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