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Rick Bowers

Rick Bowers


Richard (Rick) Bowers

In addition to my private practice I am a guest lecturer at Antioch University Midwest's Integral Studies in Conflict & Leadership program, I serve as a Ventura County Small Claims Court mediation supervisor through the Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement, and I mediate cases through the Los Angeles and Ventura County Superior Courts. My private practice, working with Nelle Moffett, involves workshops, practice groups, and working with individuals and couples focusing on communication and conflict coaching.

Nelle and I co-authored Empathy in Conflict Intervention: The Key to Successful NVC Mediation. This book brings together theories from psychology, conflict resolution, and sociology to explore the effectiveness of empathy in mediation. It is available at our publisher, Harmony World Publishing, at http://www.harmonyworld.net/ (as well as at Amazon and other retailers).

Before becoming a mediator, I spent twenty-six years with Hewlett-Packard Company, primarily in Research and Development.  In 2007 I left Hewlett-Packard to pursue my dream of creating peace.  I completed my M.A. in Conflict Analysis and Engagement at Antioch University Midwest (having written a thesis on empathy).  My favorite approach to mediation is applying Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication as described in We Can Work It Out: Resolving Conflicts Peacefully and Powerfully as well as in Speak Peace in a World of Conflict: What You Say Next Will Change Your World.  The approach is to empower participants to understand and communicate their needs and then to support creating strategies that meet everyone’s needs.

The most rewarding comments I get are by attorneys expressing various forms of "I never thought this one would settle!" This frequently occurs with highly emotional conflicts. It also occurs when a party feels he/she is taking the principled position. I specialize in calming emotions and supporting parties in making heartfelt thoughtful decisions.

Conflict Resolution Training includes:

  • Antioch University Midwest, M.A. in Conflict Analysis and Engagement – approximately 1,590 hours,
  • Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement, Elder Mediation Training – 18 hours,
  • Mosten Mediation Training, Basic Divorce Mediation Training – 40 hours,
  • Center for Nonviolent Communication, International Intensive Training – 9 days,
  • L.A. Bar Association: Dispute Resolution Services, Inc., Advanced Skills Practicum – 18 hours,
  • Community Service Programs, Inc., Mediating Civil Harassment Cases – 3 hours,
  • Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement, Civil Harassment Mediation Training – 6 hours,
  • Sacramento Mediation Center, Basic Mediation Skills – 28 hours,
  • Landmark Education, Communication: Access to Power – 28 hours, and
  • Landmark Education, Communication: Power to Create – 27 hours.

I am in the process of putting together a list of resources that have informed my practice. I am hoping you will find these useful as well.

Phone: 805.322.7476
Email: bowers@mediation-consultants.com