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Coummicating with Aliens
... parents talking with teenagers                
                 … teenagers talking with parents!

Parents – do you sometimes find that you are arguing with
your teenager and wonder what happened?

Teens – do you sometimes find that your are arguing with
your parents and wonder what happened?

Do you wish for more intimacy and connection in your family?

Do you feel frustrated when your parent/teen misunderstands
your intentions or discounts what you say?

“They just won’t listen….”

In our homes even the best intentioned people have conflicts that bring pain and disconnect them from each other.

Compassionate Communication™ (also known as Nonviolent Communication™ or NVC) is a language that serves life. It is a language we use when our intention is to connect with others so that everyone's needs can be joyfully met.

Nonviolent Communication™ Practice Groups

Participating in a Practice Group is a great way to continue learning about Compassionate Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) with like-minded individuals. Practice groups usually consist of 6-12 people and meet on a regular basis. A $20 fee is requested for each meeting.

Contact us for information about any of these ongoing groups -- or about creating a new group!

  • None currently scheduled.

Workshops Not Currently Scheduled

We offer many other trainings and workshops. If any of the following would meet your needs, give us a call!

  • Learn How to Communicate Effectively When Communication REALLY Matters!
  • Partnership Parenting in Action
  • Cultivating Our Power to Choose When Life has Dealt us a Challenging Hand
  • Be the Change: How Communication Can Transform Your World
  • Workplace Evaluations: Feedback without Criticism
  • Communicating Across Differences
  • Empathy in the Workplace
  • Creating Fulfilling Relationships

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