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Rick Bowers
An Alternative to Court—Conflict Coaching
Do you want to avoid the high costs of litigation? By costs we mean emotional energy, time expenditure, and financial expenditure. We specialize in conflict involving ongoing relationships - family owned businesses, workplace disputes, home-owner associations, business-to-business, and even neighbor-to-neighbor....

Rick Bowers
Divorce Mediation
Going through a divorce is obviously a stressful time. Our intent is to support a cooperative process, minimizing stress (while saving money). What do we call a divorced family with children? A family! We work hard to support the creation of a cooperative relationship for successful co-parenting.

Rick Bowers
Litigated Case Mediation
. . .involves situations where lawsuits have been filed. A mediator acts as a third party neutral who facilitates a conversation to support the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution.

Are you looking for Family and Friends Relationship Communication training, coaching or practice groups? If so, visit our "sister" website at www.speak-peace.com.